Podcast Alert: Decoding Athletes – Episode 7 – Fast and Furious with No breaks – Riding Fixie with Patrick Seabase

Courtesy of Simone van Slingerland / eyesprint

Photo credit: Phil Gale / Red Bull Content Pool

Decoding Athletes with Matthias Dandois” is back and peddaling hard. This week’s guest is the world’s fastest man on a fixed gear bike, Patrick Seabase.

Find out all about their conversation by listening to the full interview, here: 

Some of Patrick´s most interesting statements include: “The bike becomes an external organ”
“If fate wants me to crash and die well what can I do”
“I don’t want to train to compete against a human”
“I want to have the most efficient, smoothest pedal stroke”
“80-20 that is what I believe in. Do 80% in your life right and 20%… you know…”
“Great things happen when men and mountain meet”

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