PHOTO ALERT: Sharma solid as a rock for captivating photo shoot

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

American climber dazzles for the camera at Spain’s Cadena Perpetua.

Chris Sharma is dangling from a rock face just a short drive from his Spanish home in one of a series of images from a captivating photo shoot.

The American rock climber, generally regarded as one of the world’s very best, was snapped as he tackled the Cadena Perpetua 8c in Sant Llorenc de Montgai, Spain, at the Disblia crag. Here is all you need to know:

The 37-year-old Californian has often been described as the world’s best rock climber and was the first climber to redpoint a 9b (5.15) difficulty climb.

– The shoot came about when Sharma was approached at the last minute by photographer Dan Krauss in the area who was working with some other climbers, and the pair hiked up to the spot after a five-minute drive from Sharma’s home.

– Krauss explained: “It was crazy seeing such an incredible crag so close to someone’s home, especially considering the difficulty of some of the climbs. He walked me through the moves of the climb and we discussed the coolest moves and body positions to shoot.”

– Sharma’s parents believed in Eastern philosophy and studied under a silent Buddhist monk. They took on the popular Hindu name Sharma when they got married, and their son studied at a holistic yoga centre.

– He got hooked on climbing after his mother took him to an indoor climbing gym when he was 12. Two years later he’d won the US nationals for bouldering against athletes twice his age.

– Of his climbing passion, he said: “Climbing is how I focus my energy. It’s what gives me my sense of purpose.”

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