PHOTO ALERT: Mowing the lawn at 50mph on customised lawnmowers

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

High-octane action on rapid sit-on lawnmowers at unique Red Bull Cut It.

The winners have been crowned at the UK’s quirkiest motorsport event where racers fire up their customised sit-on lawnmowers and speed around a track at 50mph. Here is all you need to know:

– Red Bull Cut It took place in the English village of Cheddar, Somerset.

– There were four different race track formats, with three race categories. Each race category has lawnmowers with different engines and top speeds.

– Lawn mower racing started in 1973, when some friends in an English pub discussed the cheapest way to go motorsport racing.

– On some machines, the riders are sitting just 100mm above the ground when racing, at speeds of more than 50mph.

– 58 competitors battled it out on tracks which included twists, turns, rollers and jumps.

The four races on the day included:

– Drag race: A timed head to head 80m flat sprint

– The Eliminator: After two laps, the racer in last position on each lap was removed. Racers kept racing until there was one winner. This track included jumps and hoops

– Points-per-lap race: After two laps riders were awarded points depending on what position they finished each lap, with a total of 10 laps. This track included jumps and hoops. E.g. 1st = 5 points, 2nd = 3 points, 3rd = 1 point

– Joker lap race: each rider was allowed to use a shortcut once in the race. This also had a total of 10 laps and consisted of twists and turns

– The winners were: Group 2 – Mike Creswell, Group 3 – Dean Fuller, Group 4 – Dan Godden.

– The event, which included experts and novices, was designed in partnership with the British Lawnmower Association.

– Peter ‘Pugs’ Reeves, from the British Lawnmower Racing Association said: ‘Today has been an incredible day for the sport of lawnmower racing. It’s been fantastic to see so many people come out from across the country for these wacky races. We are a close community and so it has been great to see so many new faces here at the very first Red Bull Cut It. We hope it’s an event that will grow bigger and better every year.”

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