PHOTO ALERT: Martyanov weaves through icebergs in Greenland

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Russian wakeboarder overcomes project hurdles to soar over the moving ice.

Nikita Martyanov has undertaken his greatest project yet after travelling over to Greenland to wakeboard through the polar icebergs. Here is all you need to know:

– Martyanov is known for his daredevil wakeboard stunts in cool projects such as Ice Wake and Way Out in his native Russia, but opted for Greenland this time.

– The 13-time national champion was not sure what to expect in Disko Bay near Ilulissat that lies in the most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere – known locally as Sermeq Kujalleq. Ice needles could float up dangerously or icebergs could turn over badly.

– The 29-year-old only had the chance to do his stunts once or twice on his pro-model Liquid Force Drop with the best light for shooting early in the morning for an hour and a half to three hours and then for an hour or two at night, when the sun dipped below the horizon and there was a beautiful ‘sunset’ light.

– After the project yacht broke days before the trip, Martyanov and his team had to reorganise with the crew doctor – a rookie sailor – driving the tow boat.

– The water dipped below zero degrees Celsius with a high salt content, so Martyanov needed a warm, full surfing wetsuit 6/5/4mm from Quiksilver.

– It was not all plain sailing as the Saint Petersburg native often fell from a height of 2-3 metres into the walls of the icebergs moving in the water.

– Martyanov, who managed seven hours of video, said: “Icebergs turn over fairly often and, on the fresh ones that have just turned over, you get this smooth ice. It’s really difficult and dangerous and it’s almost impossible to tilt on them, so I tried to choose walls with a thick crust of ice over the snow. There were some interesting situations, where we would find a fantastic iceberg and think: ‘There it is! We want to do this and that on it!’ but we realised that the approach to it was blocked by other icebergs. However our captain, who’d been sailing on that launch his whole life, would simply thrust into the iceberg, give it the full throttle, and shift a block of ice the size of a football field to the needed spot!”



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