PHOTO ALERT: Iffland lands most difficult dive on the tour in Portugal

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Australian performs record-breaking dive while LoBue makes it two in a row.

Rhiannan Iffland returned to winning ways in record fashion at the third stop of the 2018 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in the Azores, Portugal.

The Australian landed the most difficult dive in women’s competition history in front of 1,000 spectators on boats and kayaks at the foot of the cliffs. Here is all you need to know.

–       The two-time World Series champion was in the lead after round one, and won all rounds from 21m and finished the purest of all stops with the highest score in competition to date.

–       Iffland, 26, executed a memorable moment from the volcanic rocks of the Portuguese Azores when she landed the most difficult dive ever attempted by a woman to date, a backwards three somersault, two twists and pike.

–       On Friday, Iffland also landed a perfect ‘10’ with a forward two somersaults with one-and-a-half twists. The score of 71.50 is also the best score ever for a required dive in the female category.

–       Mexico’s Adriana Jimenez finished second, with Canadian Lysanne Richard in third.

–       Iffland said: “It was a bit disappointing the first competition in Texas, I was a little bit shaky, but it motivated me and drove me to push myself for this new dive, which I just completed in the competition and which I’m over the moon about. The result, I’m super happy to be standing back on top of the podium for this competition.”

–       In the men’s event, a fascinating final saw Steven LoBue sneak past his fellow American David Colturi with the final dive of the day to secure his second victory in a row.

–        Colturi had earlier posted the highest score for an individual men’s dive. His reverse two somersaults with five twists scored 9s from the judges and ensured an American double with his long-term friend LoBue.

–       LoBue, 33, made it five individual wins from 27 metres. Former champion Gary Hunt of England completed the top three with a much-needed first podium of the season.

–       LoBue said: “This location is especially challenging between off the rocks, the ocean swells and everybody managing to step up their game. David put down a heck of a twist and Gary Hunt is back, he’s doing his big twist again. So any time you can come away with a win in that scenario it’s extra special.”

–       The cliff diving elite returns to picturesque Sisikon in the Swiss Alps, where the women will dive for the first time into Lake Lucerne in two-weeks’ time.

1- Steven LoBue USA – 405.35pts
2- David Colturi USA – 404.80
3- Gary Hunt GBR – 400.20

1- Rhiannan Iffland AUS – 324.95pts
2- Adriana Jimenez MEX – 294.30
3- Lysanne Richard CAN – 285.80

Standings (after 3 of 7 stops)

1- Steven LoBue USA – 470pts
2- Michal Navratil CZE – 360
3- David Colturi USA – 330

Standings (after 2 of 5 stops)

1- Adriana Jimenez MEX – 360pts
2- Rhiannan Iffland AUS – 310
3- Jessica Macaulay (W) GBR – 250



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