PHOTO ALERT / Brazilian Barros turns skatepark into street art piece

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

X Games champion presents virtual world tour in latest video.

Pedro Barros’ latest video features a skatepark created by contemporary street artists from around the globe. With every move from the nine-time X Games medalist, new forms and vistas are revealed, eventually combining into a world map. Here is all you need to know about it:

– The size of a soccer pitch (120m x 80 m x 22m), it took eight weeks to build this skatepark.

– Obstacles and other riding elements included a scaffolding structure, a miniramp, waves, rails, gap and SFO sections, airbag, quarterpipes, a curved rail, a train and even a Samsung TV screen.

– The skatepark features some of the world’s most famous skate spots including the Barcelona Waves and the China Banks of San Francisco.

– Renowned in the skateboard world, artists RYNoART, Steve Fawler, Kirsten Poulsen, Sophia Langner, Marco Reinhardt, PTLN, C-Bass and NXT LVL all contributed to this street art piece.

– “Being able to ride some of your favorite spots from all over the world, all built and put together in this one spot, that’s pretty unique,” said Barros.

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