PHOTO ALERT: Aerobatics over New York City and the Hudson River

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Aaron Fitzgerald surprises New Yorkers with flips, barrel rolls and nose dives.

Aerobatics pilot and former U.S Serviceman Aaron Fitzgerald chose the open space of the Hudson River in New York to stun onlookers with a wide range of helicopter tricks. Here is all you need to know:

–  Fitzgerald performed the flips, barrel rolls and nose dives in front of the Statue of Liberty, Battery Park and alongside the West Side Highway.

–  The pilot chose the unique practice course in preparation for the Memorial Day Weekend’s Bethpage Air Show.

–  The Red Bull helicopter is able to perform the tricks through the use of a unique titanium rotor. It allows Fitzgerald to reverse the airflow through the rotor without damaging anything, ensuring he can safely execute the manoeuvres.

–  Spectators in the area at the same time were surprised to look up and witness the high-skilled aerial flight happening in their own backyard.

–  Fitzgerald is a medal of Valor recipient and spends the majority of his time flying for the film and television industry.

About Aaron Fitzgerald:
–  Fitzgerald is in the U.S Army’s 82nd Airborne Division
–  He began flight training in 1994
–  Performed and filmed for over 100 films and TV shows
–  Flown utility flying in mountainous terrain and offshore support
–  Flown in flight test programs for NASA
–  Introduced to helicopter aerobatics in 2017, joined the Flying Bulls that same year
–  Medal of Valor recipient

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