Peru is the trickline Team World Champion | GLOBETROTTER World Slackline Masters 2019 – Munich (GER)

Courtesy of World of Freesports

The bad weather can´t hold back over 10 000 amazed and bedazzled spectators to see incredible jumps, flips and static balance maneuvers of the Peruvian brothers Choza and Renzo Robles on the slackline. The highly demanding yet precisely executed performances and finally their unique tandem show was rewarded with the title of becoming the Trickline Team World Champions in 2019. 8 different Nations with 24 of the best trickliners in the world gathered last weekend in Munich, Germany to demonstrate their unique skills on a slackline. Tricklining is a modern sport, where spectacular trampoline like aerials with the balance skills of slacklines are combined. On a highly tensioned specific and dynamic Slackline the athletes compete against each other with crazy jumps up to 7 meters over the ground. Precision, coordination and the highest level of physical and mental fitness is required to keep up with the skill level presented at the contest.

At the team world championships two athletes join forces to battle for the title. The highlights are the tandem runs, where both athletes step on the line together to jump and flip in an alternate rhythm. Precision, coordination and confidence are essential here. At twice the speed tricks are presented to a bedazzled crowd. Especially the Brazilians Pedro Rafael and Alisson Ferreira amazed the spectators with incredible tandem runs. In the Semifinals the teams Brazil, Japan, Chile and Peru face each other by collecting world record point scores. The final though is fought out by the two south American teams from Peru and Brazil. Both teams challenge each other with a head to head race in scoring more points, which is analysed by a specific video software developed by the American Trickline Association (ATA). Team Peru manages to reach 1872,32 points and celebrates their victory together with an amazed crowd.

Results Trickline Team World Championships

1. Team Peru Renzo Robles & Choza Robles

2. Team Brazil Pedro Rafael & Alisson Ferreira

3. Team Chile Abraham Hernandez & Matias Sepulveda

4. Team Japan Haruki Kinoshita & Teruto Tanaka

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