The People Shaping Bogotá’s Club Scene | Underground: Bogotá

Courtesy of Red Bull Music & Culture

Bogotá’s party scene has come a long way over the last 30 years. The city’s party people were restricted during the 1980s, when terrorism was rife and the country endured one political upheaval after another. But during the ’90s, the country opened up and Bogotá’s underground club scene took off.

In our latest short film, Underground Bogotá, club owners talk about their own experiences and explain the influence the city has had on their own venues, including the legendary Club Cinema; the inclusive Club Theatron; Baum, a club built around a tree that long ago burst through the building’s foundations; the chaotic Video Club; and al fresco El Coq. Together they’re making Bogotá’s club landscape – and wider electronic music scene – as diverse as anywhere else in the world.

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