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Skateboarding legend Paul “P-Rod” Rodriguez (@prod) has been in the skate game for a long time now. Having been pro for almost two decades, Rodriguez has skated for some of the biggest companies in skateboarding (Girl, Plan B), before starting his own brand Primitive in 2014. In just over five years, Primitive has become one of the biggest hardware and soft goods brands in skateboarding, with a stacked pro team and clothing collaborations with brands such Rick and Morty, Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Dragon Ball Z and more.

But that is not the full P-Rod story. He was also among one of the first skateboarders to partner with Nike SB, and has his signature on more than a few Nike SB shoes. At the time, the decision to partner with Nike SB was difficult for Rodriguez. But Rodriguez traces his roots with Nike back to his earlier years, when he wore baby Jordans. With a history of Nike influence in the Rodriguez family, P-Rod signed on to Nike SB and has been a driving force behind the team for over a decade now. Recently, Clinton Yates (@clintonyates) of ESPN’s Now Or Never sat down with P-Rod to talk skate progression, the influence of skateboarding in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and some of his favorite Nike shoes in his own personal Mt. Rushmore of Nike shoes. Where is the P-Rod 1 in that lineup? Watch the interview and learn.

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