Paraglider Horacio Llorens (ESP) wins Acro World Tour Finals in Villeneuve (SUI) and claims 2018’s overall title

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Acro World Tour 2018 – Villeneuve (SUI) | Horacio Llorens from Spain wins the Acro World Tour 2018!

The elite of acro-paragliding performed stunning maneuvers at pictureque Lake Geneva in Sonchaux (SUI): The 14 best pilotes and 2 wildcard starters of the Acro World Tour Finals 2018 showed their matchless skills at the finals from 24 to 26 August 2018 and excited the enthusiastic crowd! Numerous breathtaking events of the traditonal “Acro Show” add to the paragliding competitions – including a wingsuit flight by Géraldine Fasnacht, a performance of the Swiss Airforce Display team and a Skydiving performance.

Finally it was Horacio Llorens (ESP) who was the winner of the Acro World Tour Finals 2018 in Villeneuve (SUI) which were held in a particularly exciting knockout format. Thus, he saved also the title of the overall winner of the Acro World Tour 2018. Runner-up Rafael Goberna (BRA) and Victor Carrera (CHI) on place 3 completed the podium of the Acro World Tour Finals 2018 in Villeneuve (SUI). The only woman who competed was Claire Mercuriot (FRA) on rank 16 at the Acro World Tour Finals (18th place at the overall rankings of Acro World Tour 2018). In the overall results Théo De Blic from France claims second place and Brazilian Rafael Goberna is third ranked.

“Acro” is the highest art of paragliding. It combines grace and flow in a series of spectacular maneuvers. The perfect execution of the flight routines requires mastery of the glider and extreme precision. In competitions, the pilots show a sequence of certain maneuvers in a restricted airspace above the water.  In addition to the finals, the 2018 tour included three qualifying events that took place in Norway and Italy between June and August. The 30 best participants of each competition collected points for the overall ranking. The top athletes of the overall ranking have qualified for the finals in Switzerland. They took place as part of the traditional Acro Show, which were held in Villeneuve for the 10th time.


Results – Acro World Tour Finals 2018

1. Horacio Llorens (ESP)

2. Rafael Goberna (BRA)

3. Victor Carrera (CHI)

Results – Overall Acro World Tour 2018

1. Horacio Llorens (ESP)

2. Théo De Blic (FRA)

3. Rafael Goberna (BRA)

FAI Acro World Tour Finals 2018 – Villeneuve (SUI) – Best Of from World of Freesports on Vimeo.





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