Our first music EP is out!

Courtesy of RoboRace

Check it out 👉 https://snd.click/beta Available on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Deezer, etc.

Initially, project Roborace is the extreme competition of full-size electric racing cars driven by artificial intelligence. The cars were designed by Daniel Simon, who previously worked on vehicles for movies such as “Tron: Legacy”, “Oblivion”, sequels of “Star Wars” and others. Introducing the coming “Season Beta” of the robot competition, this futuristic project evolves with starting its own original music band in collaboration with several contemporary musicians from various countries to create their first EP “Beta”. The work was made together with Russian synth-music artist Vlad Green (aka TæT Music) and Belgian progressive drummer Benjamin Baert. More releases to come soon 🤟

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