NIGHT of the JUMPs e-FMX World Championship 4 Riders announced and minor Covid-19 delay

Courtesy of Steve Sommerfeld

NIGHT of the JUMPs is entering a very exciting time since the first announcement of the all-new eSport series with TiMX : This is Motocross and creating the first ever e-FMX World Championship series.  The level of interest has blown us away, and thank you to everyone who has helped promote this new series and project.

Unfortunately though, Covid-19 has affected even the recent updates required for the Google Android Play Store and the Apple iOS App Store and there have been lengthy delays experienced for all apps and games.

While the update is in the queue, at NIGHT of the JUMPs we believe to release a much better product, rather than rushing through this first season without the necessary updates.  So we are just delaying by a couple of weeks to allow the backlog at Google and Apple stores to pass.

However, the good news, we are happy to announce 4 new big-name FMX players to join the first season and our new Social Media Partner to help push the series even further into the digital world with us. 

Also – Check out the first Real in-game Character Likeness Images of Taka Higashino and Colby Raha!  We’re so stoked on these!!!

Having competed at NIGHT of the JUMPs in Tours, France (2015), Taka Higashino is Japan’s greatest FMX export when he became the first Japanese rider to compete in X Games, and has taken 3 Gold Medals in Freestyle MX discipline throughout his career. 

While Taka is a trick machine, one of America’s next generation Freeriders who looks for the craziest jumps he can find, Colby Raha (USA), will also join the series.  Raha has also bagged a couple of X Games Gold Medals, in the discipline of Quarter Pipe Highest Air (2017) and the Real Moto video series in 2019.

Throughout his stellar career at NIGHT of the JUMPs, Bianoconcini has set the Highest Air record of 11.5 metres in Torino, Italy in 2012 and also has taken 5 Highest Air Championship titles, and also the Silver and 2 Bronze Medals at X Games Step Up. 

After landing his first ever Double Flip in competition and taking the gold over Australia’s Double Flipping champion, Josh Sheehan, Jayo (Archer) has turned his sights on another of Sheeny’s legacies, the Triple Backflip

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