NEW Riders Lounge Podcast – Clint Esposito – The Moto Comedian

Courtesy of Steve Sommerfeld / Invert Management

The latest Riders Lounge Podcast is live now with Episode #7 – Clint Esposito – The Moto Comedian

Clint has been a huge part of the American Freestyle MX movement, having started out riding FMX events 20 years ago!  If you haven’t heard of him before, you may have seen his influence on the scene by helping push the Amateur FMX scene which helped see the rise of some of the world’s best riders.

From riding events, to running his own events with a Truck, Landing and Ramps, to helping with TV Show Productions for FuelTV and now running his own Comedy Shows, Clint is always on the move and willing to try something new.

It was a hell of a laugh, and I wish we had twice the amount of time, but he’s also a busy man with Podcasts in all sorts of fields.  But we’ll definitely come back and get more out of him later!

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