MXLink Live Stream with Jordan Jarvis 2018 WMX Champion and Sabre Cook F3 driver 2019 WSeries

Courtesy of Sharon Cox

MXLink Live Stream connecting with Women in Motorsport. Today’s broadcast invited America’s Jordan Jarvis 2018 WMX Champion and Sabre Cook, F3 driver for 2019 WSeries. Both Women shared their thoughts on dealing with changed circumstances in present time, over-coming challenges through-out their respective careers, and embracing different perspectives when facing the unknown.

Jordan Jarvis AMA SX Futures Women’s Class 2020 Daytona

Jordan is no stranger to facing uncertainty head-on. During her Motocross and SX career, changes to Women Motocross Championship status put long-held goals on back-burner.

Not done with settling for lesser Amateur status, Jordan set goals in place to achieve credentials to race AMA Pro Outdoors and AMA Pro SX class. Battling for recognition, economic backing, and results against fiercely competitive male fields, Jordan remains resolute in character that what she achieves now will benefit younger up-coming female riders in the future.

Sabre acknowledges the opportunities that she has taken on board to develop skills, knowledge and tenacity to race single seater Championships. Moving out of comfort zone was parr of the course for self-improvement- meaning the move to work and live in the UK for whole of 2019 not only enabled Sabre to gain valuable work experience under Infiniti Engineering programme but also race WSeries Championship at 6 new venues.

Benefits for making the ‘uncomfortable as comfortable as can be in changed circumstances’ Sabre is well equipped to deal with the never ending uncertainties of racing within a world of change.

Despite no audio from me to Jordan, all 3 of us had great chat, geared dialogue towards interesting topics which not only affect Motorsport racers, but life in general. My thanks to Jordan and Sabre for their time. MXLink Live broadcast edited in link below.

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