MXLink Live connecting with Motorsport icons- with 10x World Motocross Champion Stefan Everts

Courtesy of Sharon Cox

MXLink Live connecting with Motorsport icons around the world invites 10x FIM World Motocross Champion Stefan Everts on Live broadcast Friday April 3rd 7.00am local time.

With achievements surpassing history records within Motorsport industry, Stefan not only celebrates 10 World MX Championship Titles along with father Harry Everts winning 4x World MX Championships, son Liam Everts has won his first GP Overall in EMX 125cc class at MXGP Opening Round at Matterley Basin earlier this year.

Stefan Everts with family, Liam, Harry, Kelly and daughter Miley. Photo Credit: MXGP

With exceptional career spanning 18 years, Stefan, Harry and son Liam experience rare phenomenon of 3 generations of passion racing Motocross. Not only that, time has travelled full circle with Liam taking his first GP win at track which his father finished his astounding career racing in 2006 MXoN and winning both motos.

3 generations aside, Stefan has endured many challenges through-out his career and life in general. Taking his first GP win in 1991 125cc Championship, Stefan’s strength of conviction to achieve goals surpassed all expectations winning 101 GP’s which remains record to present day.

Notwithstanding Stefan’s celebrations, there have many dark moments to deal with, none more so than when he contracted Malaria at end of 2018. It has been long road to recovery, one which Stefan faces into the future.

Stefan Everts 10x FIM World Motocross Champion

Surrounded by family, passion for racing, Stefan upholds true sense of living each day in the best possible way- making goals realized which carry value and meaning for all close family, friends and fans.

MXLink Live offers oportunity to share Stefan’s thoughts to public at large.

Live Stream: Friday April 3rd at 7.00am local time on YouTube:

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