MXGP Rookies ready for the New Year

Courtesy of Youthstream

The MXGP Rookies project is entering its third month. The five riders who form the first group of MXGP Rookies are trained by head coach Marcel Hartman at the Olympic Trainingscentre Papendal. During this period they invest in physical training and nutrition, led by a team of professionals. They also go to school, with a special individual studyplan.

During the second part of the pilot the emphasis will shift to motocrosstraining. The MXGP Rookies and head coach Hartman will leave for a two-week trainingsession in Spain next week. At the end of January a second two-week trainingsession will take place. During these sessions the riders will face new challenges such as different track surfaces.

“We are doing well, the riders make great progression. It’s a very impressive period for everybody and it asks a lot from the group. I have every confidence that the riders will improve more and more in the new year”, says Marcel Hartman.

Photo: From left to right: Physical-trainer David O’Mahoney with Marcel Conijn (NL), Wannes van de Voorde (BEL), Raf Meuwissen (NL), Raivo Dankers (NL)
Copyright: Photo: Jarno Schurgers
2017 KNMV


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