MUST READ: Red Bull Roller Coaster contest returns to Munich Mash

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

Ilardi back to defend skate title at Olympiapark with Delfino and Sorgente.

American Jake Ilardi will return to Munich’s Olympiapark on Saturday June 29 to defend his Red Bull Roller Coaster title and mantle as the world’s ‘Most Versatile Skateboarder’. Here is all you need to know:

– Last year saw Ilardi come out on top in a shock victory as 18 of the world’s top skateboarders took on the innovative course that mixed elements of Street, Bowl and Megaramp as part of Munich Mash.

– The 300m slopestyle course included picnic tables, wall rides and water gaps, while the judges were looking for speed, style, jump height and trick selection.

– Roller Coaster’s innovative design will be carefully tweaked and extended in 2019 to create a smooth line with exciting new features and trick options.

– Florida native Ilardi, 22, enthused: “It’s a perfect mix of street, transition and cruising down a snake run. Super fun! Winning the first edition in 2018 was unexpected and pretty crazy. I am looking forward to coming back to Munich this summer!”

– He will be joined by last year’s finalists Danny Leon (SPA) and Alex Sorgente (USA) as well as female pro skaters Fabiana Delfino (USA) and Candy Jacobs (NLD) with soon-to-be-announced new entrants including 16-year-old CJ Collins (USA) as well as Liam Pace (USA), who scored a wildcard at Simple Session in February.

– Creative mastermind Oli Bürgin revealed: “I am thrilled to bring the Red Bull Roller Coaster back to Munich this summer. We updated and improved the original track, to offer a fun and exciting experience to some of the world’s best skateboarders.”

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