Monster Energy Honda Team prepares the 2019 season

Courtesy of Monster Energy Honda Team

This week Monster Energy Honda Team were once again back at the French port of Le Havre to pick up the assistance vehicles and motorcycles freshly arrived back after the recent appearance in the Dakar Rally. Now back at the team’s headquarters, the mechanics are already hard at work to tackle the 2019 season.

The nine vehicles of the Monster Energy Honda Team: one truck, four vans and the four Laika motorhomes, in addition to the rider’s motorcycles, have completed the lengthy 1,900-kilometre trek from port of Le Havre in France to the Honda Europe Spain team facilities, where they have since been unloaded ready to undergo preparations for the forthcoming events.

The vessel containing the European vehicles, which had participated in Dakar 2019, arrived from Lima, Peru earlier this week at the French port, where the team was waiting to receive them. Now, at the team’s headquarters, the crew will empty out the vehicles, sort out all the gear and start the preparations for the next challenge, which will begin in just over a month.

Monster Energy Honda Team is looking forward to the coming races and the Rally Dakar 2020.

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