Meet the Cyclists Racing from Moscow to Vladivostok.| Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme 2018 E2

Courtesy of Red Bull Bike

The cyclists depart from Teatralnaya Square in Moscow to start the 2018 Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme. Meet the riders and find out their motivation for entering cycling’s longest ultramarathon.

The Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme ultra-stage bicycle race will set off from Moscow on July 24, 2018. For the third time, a number of international athletes will compete in the toughest bike event on the roads of Russia for 15 stages over the course of 25 days and covering a total of 9,100km to reach their destination in Vladivostok on August 17. Check back on Tuesdays and Fridays to get the updates of the race right here

Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme is the longest road stage bicycle race in the world, with stages length between 260 and 1400 km. Mainly tarmac roads, mostly in good conditions, some parts in bad condition and some ongoing road works! Wilderness, Ural, Siberia low lands, Siberian mountains, lake Baikal, Baikal mountains, crossing some of the longest rivers in the world, from the Volga in Europe and the Siberian rivers Ob, Yenisei and Angara and the far east river Amur. Passing by the borders of 3 large countries all of Kazakhstan, Mongolia and around 3000 km along the Chinese border! Crossing 8 time zones! Temperature differences of up to 40°C from lows in nights to highest during the day! Several climatic areas from continental climate to sub tropic in the Far East!

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