MAXXIS BIKE Transalp 2019 – Stage 2 – “Brothers in suffering”

Courtesy of BIKE Transalp

Camden Gillis and Samuel Kearley traveled all the way from the USA to ride across the alps with us. They must love suffering just as much as we do, and to quote them: “Everybody is here to suffer, so we are all equals, cause everybody hurts the same”. 💪🏻

Wise words indeed, and the insight is particularly astonishing coming from our youngest participants. Samuel just turned 18 and his partner is not much older. 🤜🏻🤛🏻

It explains a big part of what cycling is about, and what units us. Sure, the fun and the adrenaline is part of the ride, but to earn your turns, you have to love a little suffering.

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