Masters of Dirt: Kai Haase lands World’s First

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Masters of Dirt Total Freestyle Show Vienna:

Daring tricks at the highest level as Kai Haase lands first FMX flat-drop backflip from a 10-meter-high scissor lift on Dirt.

For the 17th year in a row, the death-defying Masters of Dirt riders rocked the Vienna Stadthalle.  The show remained true to the Masters of Dirt motto, displaying a dazzling array of “Total Freestyle” performances from the worlds top athletes as they showed their skills to the avid audience in Vienna, Austria. The entourage of adrenaline junkies was accompanied by English pyrotechnical performers,  The Fuel Girls and Austrian icon DJ Mosaken. 

Sporting highlight:

Kai Haase, German FMX champion lands the world’s first FMX flat-drop backflip on dirt, from a 10-meter high Scissor lift. Haase had previously landed this trick two weeks ago on an Airbag during the first tour stop in Klagenfurt, until now, this trick has never been landed on dirt. Haase was joined by BMXers, mountain bikers, snowmobiles, quads, buggies and motocross riders as they soared from meter-high ramps through the air.

Rising star, nine-year-old Harry Schofield from England showed the euphoric audience his very first backflip on dirt. Other young guns 11-year-old Lennox Zimmermann from Germany and 12-year-old  Canadian Jackson Goldstone were both daring enough to land their first double flips. 
Anyone who is familiar with Masters of Dirt knows, that there is always much more to the legendary freestyle shows than just one highlight. The show provided spectators with an action-packed bonanza featuring 1440s from Nicholi Rogatkin, David Rinaldo’s heroic  font flip tsunami and Adolf Silva, who had the crowd on their feet when he ended the show landing a triple backflip.

Masters of Dirt Total Freestyle Tour
Further Dates:

Linz, Tips Arena: 06.04.2019, 14:00
Linz, Tips Arena: 06.04.2019, 20:00

Salzburg, Salzburgarena: 19.04.2019, 20:00
Salzburg, Salzburgarena: 20.04.2019, 20:00

Innsbruck, Olympiahalle: 27.04.2019, 20:00

Bolzano, Eiswelle Bozen: 18.05.2019, 20:00

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