Masters of acrobatics on a slackline: Peruvian duo wins Team Tricklining World Championships title in Munich over Brazil’s team

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Slackline best of clip | Spectacular tricks and perfect balance: Team Trickline World Championships in Munich (GER) – Peru claims the title!

credits @World Slackline Masters / Nico Frank

On the first weekend of July, not only the annual sports festival took’s place on Munich’s Königsplatz, but also the GLOBETROTTER World Slackline Masters! 24 world-class trickliners from 8 different countries come to Bavaria to compete in teams of 2 to become the world champion in team ranking. In the end the Peruvian Brother Choza & Renzo Robles became the new Team Tricklining World Champions. In a breath-taking final battle they won against Team Brazil. The Bronze medal was won by Team Chile.

Tricklining is a modern sport originating from slacklining and combines spectacular areal stunts with the balance and coordination skills in slacklining. On a highly tensioned slackline, the athletes will perform crazy stunts up to triple flips in heights up to 7 meters over the ground. Besides the trickline world championships further contest were held: one of them was the Jibline contests! By moving and dancing on the slackline to the rhythm of music, the contenders will give their best to convince the crowd and judges of their skills. Winner of the Jibline contest was the Brasilian Pedro Rafael. The local hero Benni Schmid (GER) finished second.

In addition to the Trickline World Cup, a Jibline contest also takes place on Sunday! Jiblining is a form of tricklining – with a special focus on coordination and rhythm. Athletes from all over the world, among others Brazil, Russia and Peru outperform each other with demanding performances on the highly dynamic Jibline. The Jiblining contest was won by the defending champion Jaan Rose from Estonia, runner up in the final was the lady Rosa Tokumotoko.

Furthermore Munich competed in the Global City Balance Challenge and tried to break the world balancing record of 800 balancing players (on one event-day!). Anyone who manages to balance 10 seconds on the slackline can score for Munich – running against cities such as Stuttgart (with 540 players!), Dublin and New York. On the event day on the Sunday 7th of July Munich was close to break the record with 800 balancing players. In the end 730 persons of all ages managed it to balance for at least 10 seconds on the slackline. Two times really heavy rainfall was a bad luck for Munich, otherwise they could have become the new Global City Balance Challenge Record holders.

Peru is the trickline Team World Champion | GLOBETROTTER World Slackline Masters 2019 – Munich (GER) from World of Freesports on Vimeo.

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