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A few weeks before the start of the MotoGP™ 2020 Season, some members of the LCR Honda Team, including Team Principal Lucio Cecchinello, had the pleasure of visiting the Bergamo area in northern Italy, which was particularly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The occasion for the visit was a private event hosted by Flow-Meter (leading company in the design and production of devices for measurement, control and supply of fluids and gases, particularly for applications in the medical field), long-time sponsor of the LCR Honda Team.

The company, lead by the brothers Roberto and Venanzio Paratico, has been working non-stop during the whole emergency and did not hesitate when it came to help local hospitals, that were struggling due to the high number of patients who needed intensive care and the insufficient amount of ventilation devices. Flow-Meter supplied specific components for the CPAP machines and other ventilation instruments racing against time, literally saving lives.

The “round table” event, held with due safety precautions for selected guests, saw also the presence of three doctors from the nearby Policlinico San Piero (Dr. Paolo Serboli, Dr. Emiliano Petrò and Dr. Silvana Mazzucchelli), who shared their memories about the dramatic experience they have been living in the past months. After hearing such touching stories, the LCR Team brought a modest positive message to the table, talking about the beginning of MotoGP™ Season and the slow but consistent process towards a “new normality” in motorsports.

Roberto Paratico
(Flow-meter CEO)

“In the past months everyone’s goal was to save lives, not the business. That is done on ideas, not on people’s lives. Our company has offered its “small” contribution: in past years we produced about 300 CPAP devices per year, while in the past months we have made about 2,000 units in very little time (8 times the normal annual volume of this type of device). It is the same for the production of flowmeters for oxygen therapy or for the non-invasive ventilation (NIV), which has gone from the usual 1,500 pieces to 4,500 units weekly for the entire Covid emergency period. It was a real pleasure hosting this small event: the goal was to “celebrate” the end of the peak of the emergency with some good friends, to thank the doctors for their priceless efforts and to remember what happened and the lives we lost.”
Lucio Cecchinello
(LCR Honda Team Principal)

“The whole Bergamo area (as well as Brescia, Lodi and other cities in northern Italy) faced really dark times, but despite that, they have never surrendered. I really like Flow-Meter’s motto “Never stop” (that has ben also been translated in the Bergamo dialect with “Mola mia”): it really represents these people. Knowing Roberto and the whole company, I was not surprised to hear what they have done for the community: they have a huge heart, beside being forefront in their business. I’m so pleased of being here tonight, to celebrate these incredible doctors, this company, and to bring a little sparkle of “normality” talking about motorbikes and races.”

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