King of the Court Crown Series 2018 – Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii (USA) – Overall

Courtesy of World of Freesports

The day belonged to 30-time AVP champion and Olympian Jake Gibb / Hawaii-born and four-time AVP winner Taylor Crabb on the men’s side, and two-time AVP champion Kelley Larsen and her partner Emily Stockman on the women’s side. The Men’s Finals brought on nail-biting and intense action. Crowd-applauding blocks, spikes and digs were plentiful and with one minute left, Gibb/Ta. Crabb (USA) and Mol/Sourm (NOR) were tied with three points while Rosenthal/Budinger (USA) had one point. The buzzer blared with Gibb/Ta. Crabb and Mol/Sourm still tied and the winner to be determined by whichever team had the longest stay on the Winner’s Side: Jake Gibb and Taylor Crabb were crowned King of the Court.

The Finals evoked loud cheers throughout the three rounds. Round 1 (under a 12 minute clock) had Day/Flint (U.S.A.) starting off with a four point lead, and Larsen/Stockman (U.S.A.) came back with nine points. After Sponcil/Cannon were eliminated, Larsen/Stockman locked in third place in Round 2 to advance to the Finals in just the last 24 seconds and Agatha/Duda were ousted. The third and final round was an engerzing eight minutes with Kelly Larsen and Emily Stockman eventually fighting their way to be the first-ever King of the Court Queens.



1st – Jake Gibb and Taylor Crabb (USA)

2nd – Anders Mol and Christian Sorum (NOR)

3rd – Sean Rosenthal and Chase Budinger (USA)


1st – Kelley Larsen and Emily Stockman (USA)

2nd – Emily Day and Betsy Flint (USA)

3rd – Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana-Paredes (CAN)

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