Kelvin Hoefler’s 3rd Place Runs: 78.00 | Hart Lines 2017

Courtesy of Red Bull

Hart lines first-timer Kevin Hoefler stepped up to the plate to lay down a solid series of runs for a well deserved 3rd place at Red Bull Hart Lines 2017. Check out his third place runs and be sure to watch the full replay on Red Bull TV!

1. Nyjah Huston 84.83
2. Alex Majerus 81.17
3. Kelvin Hoefler 78.00
4. Ryan Decenzo 77.83
5. Chase Webb 77.17
6. Ryan Sheckler 74.33
7. Tommy Fynn 72.17
8. Felipe Gustavo 66.50
9. Axel Cruysberghs 64.83
10. Paul Hart 54.33

Click to watch the FULL REPLAY of Hart Lines on Red Bull TV:


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