Jordan Jarvis ‘Female Motocross Racer’ speaks on 2019 season SX and Outdoors

Courtesy of Sharon Cox

Jordan Jarvis. She is an incredible racer, she has her Pro Motocross license and is working on getting her Supercross license as well. I can’t wait to see how she will do’.

Jordan Jarvis Credit: Jordan.

‘She is an amazing role model to young girls at the track and I hope she will succeed against the guys’. Quote from Jessyka Mathieu in an article written by Jeff McConkey for Direct Motocross.

And facts state, Jordan received ‘AMA Female Racer of the Year‘ Award, confirmation from America’s Motorcycling Association that Jordan’s achievements winning 2018 WMX Championship distinguishes her as an elite MX athlete of the sport.

Yet, with all above- changes occurred. The viability of WMX Championship Series running for 2019 season shifted to Amateur status, and Jordan took stock of the circumstances facing her MX career. Not just content to race WMX at designated 2019 AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s, Jordan re-set goals to include going after Supercross license to allow future opportunity to compete as Pro-SX Racer.

Having completed 2019 Supercross Futures before heading into Area and Regional Qualifyers for Loretta’s, Jordan touches on SX results over 3 classes:

#30: ‘The 2019 Supercross Futures season went pretty well. I qualified for the Finals in Open Pro Sport, Womens, and College Boy. I won every moto in the Women’s class, however I did not place where I was hoping to in the 250 Futures class. I did learn a lot about myself and how to progress for next season’.

Jordan Jarvis Photo Credit: Direct Motocross

Yes, the goal is to learn as much as possible and get my points in this Series next year and get my Supercross license’.

With the focus currently on Outdoors, qualifying for Loretta Lynns takes priority- but not at the expense of competing in AMA Pro-Outdoor MX Championship in 250cc class.

#30:  ‘In the next up-coming weeks I will race my final Regional at Gatorback and try to qualify in 250 Pro Sport, Open Pro Sport and College boy. I will also race my first Outdoor Pro National at High Point MX Championship in the 250 class’.

Major commitment, massive determination to achieve bench-mark for Women MX Professionals racing at both Amateur and Pro-Outdoors, and magical performance by ‘Female Racer of the Year’ shows up-coming young Women riders what can be done- no matter what barriers/obstacles/challenges are put in front of you.

#30: ‘The goal for racing at Loretta’s is to win the Women’s class, backing up last year’s win with another Title and place top 10 in College boy or top 20 in Pro-Sport’.

Jordan Jarvis Sponsor Promo Atlas Brace

Pro-active in promotion of Brand sponsors, Jordan plays it forward on those who support her racing career. Matter of factly saying, close family and loyal support persons including Brands, products and businesses all provide the necessary time, work, skill, products and services- which enables #30 to race.

#30: ‘My dad is my Manager and mechanic when he isn’t working (in NJ), and has been since I started. I also have a really good agent, Shawn who has really helped in getting me some really great sponsors.

‘I do some of the maintenance on the bikes myself like oil, air filter, suspension swap. I don’t go into the engine. That’s dad’s job’.

Clearly focused on goals, not fazed by what lies ahead, and so grounded on sustaining important working relations with those who support her racing- Jordan succeeds in bringing full circle Rider-promotes-Sponsors to gain exposure to enable Jordan to race.

#30: ‘Every person and company who helps me in any way is very important to me. Without each sponsor I would not be where I am at today. My way of saying thank you to everyone is by getting their name out there as much as possible. In order to do that I have to devote quite a lot of time and energy into keeping up with my social media. All of the work is worth it if I can do something for the people who do so much for me’.

Jordan Jarvis Freestone 2019 Photo Credit: Jordan

Having taken on board busy race schedule for 2019 season, Jordan still faces challenges of racing- against Women and guys. Always positive in mind-set that competition is healthy on track and off, to race Women MX Pro remains hard- as-basket for many. And Jordan admits- being judged as a ‘girl’ within the sport takes it’s toll on moving forwards in her career.

#30: ‘This year is by far one of the most busiest years of my career. The biggest highlight was winning Female Rider of the Year. It started my season off with a good note. But every year brings a lot of challenges. We have had a few bike issues but I typically have the same problem every year. I am constantly judged for being a girl’.

Time for a change on what Jordan Jarvis is truely about come race-time- both Amateur and Pro.

List below are Jordan’s sponsors, to be recognized for great contribution they each make to enable #30 to race.

#30: Our support from Yamaha comes mostly from Triangle Cycles. We do have some other really great sponsors like Yamaha BluCru, Fox, SGB Racing, Scranton, Craftsmen, Monster-Army, Dunlop, Motool, Cycra, Renegade, Scott, BludLube, ProTaper, Atlas, Nihilo, Rekluse, Tamer, Traction MX, Pro Moto Billet, TwinAir, Spec Bolt, SOB, Engine Ice, TM Designworks. We could never race the program we do without them’.

Photo Header: Jordan Jarvis Photo Credit: Motoplayground.

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