Jesper Tjäder Stomps Winning Run at Red Bull Playstreets 2017

Courtesy of Red Bull

Swedish freestyle skier Jesper Tjäder took to the Playstreets course at Bad Gastien with his eyes set on the podium, and when it came time to drop in, the phenom stomped most all of his run with ease and style: a rightside double flatspin Japan grab followed by a frontside 450 on the Canon-Rail, then a switch 180 nosegrab, a leftside cork 360 mutegrab and a 450 gap on what’s known as ‘the mother-in-law-rail’.

The judge’s final decision was a nail-bitter, but Tjäder would score just ahead of Andri Ragettli in overall points to claim that first place spot. Sit back and relive the run that got him the win!

Watch the full replay of Red Bull Playstreets on Red Bull TV:


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