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Suzuki Factory rider Jeremy Seewer is very much on a roll. Having won two GPs in a row, at Ottobiano in Italy and Agueda in Portugal, the rider from Switzerland heads to the hard pack of Loket this weekend with a lot of confidence.

In last year’s Grand Prix of Czech Republic Seewer finished a solid second place with 3-2 results, just behind the flying Frenchman Dylan Ferrandis who went 1-1. Red plate owner in the MX2 class, Pauls Jonass crashed out of the event, and failed to score a single point.

No doubt those wins in Italy and Portugal have put Seewer in a good place, and you can be sure he will be hunting down Jonass in Loket.

“Loket is a special track and you can very easily get things wrong and make a big mistake. I like Loket, I like Lommel as it’s where I mostly live now and of course it’s going to be awesome for the third GP when we head to my home country of Switzerland. I’m really excited to keep this momentum going as I fight for the MX2 championship.”

In Portugal, all went well for the Suzuki rider, and he knows that closing that points gap on Jonass is the most important aspect, the build his confidence, and take confidence from Jonass.

“It was an amazing weekend (in Portugal) I won two GPs in a row and this was definitely one of the best GP wins so far. It certainly wasn’t easy and took a lot of hard work, especially when I was battling with Jonass, my title rival.”

It was how he put his GP victory in Portugal together that most pleased the current runner-up in the MX2 points race.

“I was just really happy with how my second race went; I had a better start and I could follow the two in front and I could find some good lines and make the difference that I was looking for yesterday. The start in the first race wasn’t that great, not quite enough for me to be able to follow the top two as a gap started to appear. Luckily, I could make the pass on Thomas Covington on the last lap, which gave me the second place that allowed me to win the overall. I’m really happy with how the RM-Z250 performed today. We had to make some changes from yesterday because the track is quite special here and we had to adjust the bike to the track. Now I get to look forward to the next GP.”

And look forward to it he will. Just days away now and the MX2 rides will arrive at the Loket circuit, and we will possibly see another twist in the already exciting 250cc class.


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