How Did Winning the 2019 US Open Change Maddie Mastro’s Life? | Burton US Open 2020 Fireside Chats

Courtesy of Red Bull Snow

Watch the full Burton US Open 2020 on demand:

Catch Maddie’s runs from the Women’s Halfpipe Finals on Red Bull TV:

Leading up to the 2020 Burton US Open Women’s Halfpipe Finals, Sal Masekela sat down with defending champion Maddie Mastro. The pair talked about Maddie’s pre-competition mindset, what makes the US Open a rider-focused competition, and how winning it all in 2019 has changed her life. Maddie also talked about being the first woman to land a double crippler in a competition and how she decided to attempt the trick only ten minutes before dropping in. Hit the link above to watch Maddie compete in the US Open finals, and catch more Fireside Chats from the Burton US Open.

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