Home hero Tai Woffinden tops Cardiff qualifying charts ahead of the Adrian Flux British FIM Speedway Grand Prix on Saturday

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Great Britain hero Tai Woffinden admitted “nothing compares” to the Adrian Flux British FIM Speedway Grand Prix after topping the timing charts in Friday’s qualifying session.

The triple world champion sent the home fans wild with a 12.936-second run to earn first pick of starting positions for Saturday’s meeting.

Woffinden selected No.13, which offers him two starts from the inside gate – historically a considerable advantage at the Principality Stadium.

The former Wolverhampton favourite is seeking to end his wait for a Cardiff win after three second places in 2014, 2016 and 2018.

After being given a big welcome by the fans who backed him in qualifying, Woffinden can’t wait to soak up the red-hot atmosphere generated by a circa 40,000-strong crowd on Saturday night.

He said: “I am really excited. This is obviously the biggest event on the calendar – for the World Championships and for British motorsport. Nothing compares to this event. I am just hanging out for tomorrow.

“I have a very strict schedule which we try and keep to. It’s really hard to hit those things on point. But I always make time for the fans, I always stop, and that means I have to run to the next thing.

“The atmosphere is amazing. I have so much support here. I am just looking forward to getting out on track and having some fun.”

Woffinden was one of just two riders to break the 13-second barrier in qualifying and is pleased with his speed ahead of the biggest night on his racing calendar. He also enjoyed his first taste of the Cardiff 2019 track.

He said: “It’s amazing. Cardiff and Warsaw are a pretty similar shape – same material, same curves and the same size pretty much. They always ride really nicely. The track is really nice. Everything feels good. I’m just going to go out there and rip it tomorrow.

“We have a really good setup for tomorrow. In practice, no-one went into the 12s, but I had a nice setup and got down below 13 in qualifying.”

Woffy was joined for his starting position pick by good friend Greg Hancock, who is making a non-riding appearance in Cardiff this weekend, having taken some time out of the saddle to care for wife Jennie, who is undergoing breast cancer treatment in California.

Hancock, the SGP series’ longest-serving rider, has never contested an SGP qualifying session, with the new shootout only introduced for 2019. So Woffinden was keen to get him involved.

He said: “That was the first qualifying pick he has had to do and I had P1, so what an opportunity to do it!

“It was my choice. Obviously Greg is here for the weekend and it is cool to hang out with him.”

Make sure you’re part of an epic night of action in Cardiff. Tickets for the Adrian Flux British SGP are still available from the Principality Stadium tomorrow from 09:30.


1. Tai Woffinden – 12.936

2. Leon Madsen – 12.993

3. Maciej Janowski – 13.006

4. Antonio Lindback – 13.037

5. Jason Doyle – 13.056

6. Emil Sayfutdinov – 13.060

7. Bartosz Zmarzlik – 13.072

8. Fredrik Lindgren – 13.082

9. Patryk Dudek – 13.105

10. Janusz Kolodziej – 13.144

11. Matej Zagar – 13.161

12. Artem Laguta – 13.211

13. Martin Vaculik – 13.215

14. Robert Lambert – 13.218

15. Charles Wright – 13.245

16. Niels-Kristian Iversen – 13.334

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