Highlining During the Solar Eclipse! | Alex Mason

Courtesy of Red Bull

Step on the highline with Alex Mason as he goes the distance beneath one of the most spectacular solar eclipses we’ll ever witness. Sketchy Andy and slackline sensation Alex Mason booked it to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, when they caught wind of this epic natural phenomenons. Together with National Geographic photographer and explorer Keith Ladzinski, they captured a once in a lifetime photo of Alex doing what he does best.

While total solar eclipses aren’t super rare — there will be 15 of them around the world between 2009 and 2028 (roughly one every 18 months) — the combination of this particular total eclipse happening from coast to coast across the entire United States in the height of summer during prime daylight hours is incredibly uncommon. The last time a solar eclipse was visible coast to coast in the United States was 99 years ago and today’s eclipse was the first total solar eclipse to be seen only on American soil since 1776. Plus, from any given spot on Earth, a total eclipse is observable once every 375 years. As we said, this was once in a lifetime.

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