H&H sports awarded for organization of Just1 MXGP of China Presented by Hehui Investment Group!

Courtesy of Youthstream Media Service Team

H&H Sports, the organiser of the Just1 MXGP of China Presented by Hehui Investment Group has been awarded by the CAMF (Federation of Automobile and Motorcycle Sports of People’s Republic of China).

The MXGP of China organiser received two awards, one of which was for the ‘2019 Top 3 Events’ after it successfully hosted the MXGP in China. The award was to celebrate the fantastic job on the organisation of the event, while also helping the development of motorsport in China and getting it to a higher level. During the MXGP race days, 25000 audience from all of China came to Shanghai International MX circuit to watch the very first MXGP in Shanghai, making for a very successful event.

At the same time, H&H Sports was invited to participate in the 2019 Shanghai “Splendid Pioneer for City of Fashion Award” ceremony, and they were awarded one of the “2019 Fashion Event & exhibition”.

The Ceremony was organised by Shanghai government, to show appreciation to the contributions made to Shanghai’s “Fashion Center” development. It is a great honour for H&H sports to be awarded this prize.

Ni Ming, the Vice President of H&H Sports speaking at the awards ceremony: “I would say thanks to our Government, federation, society, clubs, fans, and of course our team. The MXGP of China would not be success without the help from all of you. Next year, we would keep work hard, and bring another fantastic GP to you in September 2020”.

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