Grubb tackles Dragon’s Tail creek in winter wonderland

Courtesy of Red Bull Media Service Team

American heads to Bosnia and Herzegovina for wakeskating feat.

Brian Grubb is a wakeskating pioneer who seeks out daring new challenges with his 2015 trip to a winter wonderland in Bosnia and Herzegovina seeing him pull off a magical project.

Here is all you need to know:

– The American headed 25km outside Sarajevo for the Olympic mountain of Bjelasnica to combine water and snow riding for the first time in a stunning stunt.

– His quest brought him to Studeni Potok (Icy Creek) near Umoljani village at the bottom of a snow covered valley winding its curves through the white blanket.

– The locals call the creek Dragon’s Tail with the legend stating that the dragon was moving towards the village and his tail left deep winding trail that became a creek. The villagers prayed for salvation and the dragon was turned into stone, with the shape of his head still visible in the rock at the foot of the hill to which villagers fled.

– For Grubb, it was a challenging chance to combine wakeskating with snowboarding criss-crossing the snow and water over seven days in tricky weather conditions.

– The New Hampshire native said: “I wanted different speeds. I had to be going faster in the water so I didn’t sink, but then in the snow going that speed just felt really fast. It was kind of challenging but, once we got the line figured out, it was really fun to just session it.”

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