GNCC Race Alert Steele Creek

Courtesy of JCR / Honda

Tune in today to watch JCR/Honda’s Trevor Bollinger race his CRF450RX at round 4 of the 2018 GNCC season. The RacerTV Live show kicks off at 9:45 am PST, on


The picturesque Steele Creek Campground hosts and the Blue Ridge Mountains provide the backdrop to what is set up to be a great day of GNCC racing!  This is a classic cross-country track, with creek crossings, mud bogs, rocks and hills that are long and steep. The soil here ranges from brown topsoil to red clay, to sand, all in a span of 5 minutes. The sections along the creek can get particularly sandy and rough, while the base of the mountains is loamy brown dirt. However, as you make your way up the hills, it begins turning into red clay. One of the highlights for the fans is the creek crossing near the pits.

PC: Ken Hill


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