Gift Yourself a Crazy Goal! Our selection of the best bike challenges in the world.

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Gift Yourself a Crazy Goal

All around the world our athletes are constantly pushing their limits and those of their sports. They are always driven by the next challenge, the next goal to achieve. Goals give direction and what a better time than now to set the bar for the year to come.  It could be throwing a backflip, entering a stage race, finishing an Ironman or travelling the world with your bike. Here is what inspires us. Hopefully it can inspire you!

Give yourself the goal you’ve always dreamed of!
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Get Inspired

Ruling the World’s Toughest MTB Race

You’re a true XC-marathon rider and the African dust and heat only wake your hunger for a new challenge.

Get inspired by our champions.
The World’s Most Famous Triathlon

Finishing an Ironman would be a big accomplishment for most of us, let alone training for the podium!

Follow our athletes on their way to Kona.
Searching for the World’s Best Singletrack

There are so many amazing places to ride your bike. At some point, you just have to get started.

Discover some of our favorite trails.

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