Gasser lands cab triple 1260 to make snowboard history

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New world first for Olympic champion as she lands very first attempt.

Anna Gasser wrote another chapter in her snowboard career after becoming the first woman to land a cab triple 1260.

Here is all you need to know:

– A cab triple 1260 is: Taking off in the switch position (the opposite direction that you usually travel, normally with your ‘wrong’ foot forward), followed by three-and-a-half rotations, and landing in the forward position. ‘Cab’ refers to switch frontside spins.

– She also made history previously in 2013 with a cab double cork 900 kicker and 2015 when she became the first woman to land a competition cab double underflip.

– This time around, the 27-year-old performed a cab triple 1260 at the Stubai Prime Park Sessions on home snow in Austria to record another world first.

– Not only that, the Millstatt native did it on her first try by taking off switch then performing a triple rotation overhead with a forward landing to finish.

– The Prime Park Sessions are designed to create the perfect atmosphere for freestyle progression with Gasser taking full advantage at the Stubai Glacier.


Tell us about this milestone and the cab triple cork you did today.
Yesterday it didn’t look very promising, because there was some wind forecasted, but then it turned out to be the perfect day up here at the Stubai Glacier and I was able to do my first few hits on the big Prime Park Sessions kicker line. Everything felt so natural and after a few warm-up jumps I started to step it up a bit – my first few double corks on this huge kicker felt really good and after a while I decided to just go for the triple. The take-off was in perfect condition, I had a lot of pop and felt in control in the air – so I just decided to go for it! In the end I did it first try and I am super stoked everything worked out that early in the season.

What’s so hard and did you try the trick on the airbag before?
I tried it once before on the airbag at Kreischberg, but it didn’t feel very good and I was about to erase that goal of my list. It’s a trick with consequence and you really have to put everything on the line if you want to succeed. It easily happens that you overrotate on the third flip which makes landing safely impossible. Today it just felt right and I am happy I ticked that one off my list – it doesn’t feel like such a big thing, but I guess it’s another milestone in women’s snowboarding.

Do you think you will show this trick in the upcoming competitions?
I think it’s possible to do it in X Games and all the comps with bigger jumps, I don’t think I will show it in the in-city contests. My focus is on technically more challenging tricks and my goal is to become better in all aspects of snowboarding. There is still so much to learn and that is what excites me a lot. I am stoked this box is ticked.


– The Austrian originally pursued a love of gymnastics and was on the national squad until the age of 14 before she switched to the slopes after her cousin inspired her.

– After making her major championship breakthrough in 2015 with world slopestyle silver, she banked big air gold in 2017 at Sierra Nevada whilst adding Winter X Games gold in slopestyle (2017) and big air (2018) too.

– She beat off the likes of global stars Lacey Baker, Kelly Sildaru and Tyler Wright to capture the 2017 Best Female Action Sports Athlete ESPY Award.

– Gasser became the first female Olympic big air champion in February with the event having only been introduced for the 2018 Pyeongchang Games.

– She had been a contender to win slopestyle gold as well, but dangerous winds wreaked havoc with the competition and she finished 15th.

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