Freeride World Tour 2019: Spectacular action in the Austrian Alps and a new challenge for the overall leaders to defend their lead

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Freeride Ski & Snowboard – trailer | Freeride World Tour 2019 arrives in Europe: Overall leaders challenged in Fieberbrunn (AUT)!

After seeing outstanding runs and first time ever winners in Canada, the stage is set for world’s best freeriders in Fieberbrunn (AUT)! Local hero Manuela Mandl will focus on taking the overall lead in women’s snowboard competition from French Marion Haerty with the home crowd at her back.

The world champion crown is still completely up for grabs and the current overall leaders Ariana Tricomi (ITA – Ski Women), Marion Haerty (FRA – Snowboard Women), Markus Eder (ITA – Ski Men) und Victor De Le Rue (FRA – Snowboard Men) have to perform at their highest level to secure their first places in Tirol and to extend their lead as far as possible ahead of the two remaining stops in Andorra and the the final competition in Verbier. The challengers Jacqueline Pollard (USA) and Craig Murray (NZL) have already proved that they are among the favorites for the day’s victory.

Hello – Freeride World Tour 2019 | Fieberbrunn (AUT) from World of Freesports on Vimeo.

Overall standings after two stops

Women – Ski

1. Ariana Tricomi (ITA)

2. Elisabeth Gerritzen (SUI)

3. Jacqueline Pollard (USA)

Women – Snowboard

1. Marion Haerty (FRA)

2. Manuela Mandl (AUT)

3. Anna Orlova (RUS)

Men – Ski

1. Markus Eder (ITA)

2. Craig Murray (NZL)

3. Tanner Hall (USA)

Men – Snowboard

1. Victor De Le Rue (FRA)

2. Davey Baird (USA)

3. Blake Hamm (USA)

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