Freeride World Tour 2018: From the holidays-only novice to the champions of the Freeride World Tour – The sum of our experiences

Courtesy of quattro media

Freeride World Tour 2018 – Sum of our experiences

Becoming a champion in freeride

When skiers and boarders leave their mark on the mountains after a fresh fall of powder, so too do the mountains leave an indelible mark on them. On their way, becoming one of the best freeriders in the world, the athletes develop an unique identity: Why are Kristofer Turdell and Arianna Tricomi placed on the top stop in the rankings? How are they able to perform year after year? Which experience leave its mark on their personal growth to world class athlete?


This clip below follows one skier’s growth from novice youth to dedicated adult. The sum of his experiences in the outdoors are responsible not just for his love of skiing and the mountains, but for the core of his identity.

Sum of our experiences – Freeride World Tour 2018 from World of Freesports on Vimeo.

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