FMX web clip // Motocross Freestyle history was made at the freeride event RB Dirt Diggers // Luc Ackermann took home gold with a world premiere

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Motocross Freestyle history was made at the FMX event RB Dirt Diggers (GER): Local hero Luc Ackermann took home gold with a world premiere, a Contest Double Backflip over the Dirt Takeoff!

On Saturday, ten men routed around in the dirt in the pithead stocks of Lohberg, Germany. These men set out under the hot September sun in front of ecstatic fans to see who would come out on top as the motocross champion. The best international motocrossers rode on one of the world’s biggest freeride courses for the Red Bull Dirt Diggers to find out who is the best all-rounder of their sport. And freestyle history was made, with one world premiere after the next, like a Contest Double Backflip over the Dirt Takeoff. German FMX terminator Luc Ackermann of Niederdorla took home the gold, landing tricks that lead to victory in all three contests. Ackermann said about his victory: “It is absolutely unbelievable. I am so happy to have won. Props to all of the other riders for their performance today.” Another German came in third: Kai Haase of Berlin was third only to Luc and David Rinaldo (FRA).

Ten freestyle riders from seven countries were challenged in three categories on a six hectare course: on the “Snake Run” riders had to complete a slippery, flowing line of freeride jumps. In the FMX stage “Compound” they catapulted over the ramps with spectacular jumps. And the spectators were witness to fantastic jumps on “The Big Dogs.”

Overall Ranking Red Bull Dirt Diggers 2019

1. Luc Ackermann         GER     Husqvarna        811 Points

2. David Rinaldo           FRA     Yamaha            759 Points

3. Kai Haase                 GER     Suzuki              733 Points

4. Pat Bowden              AUS     Yamaha            721 Points

5. Gilles Dejong            BEL      KTM                 697 Points

6. Jarryd McNeil            AUS     Yamaha            695 Points

7. Jamie Squibb           GBR     Kawasaki          694 Points

8. Colby Raha               USA     Yamaha            658 Points

9. Brody Wilson            USA     Honda              649 Points

10. Maikel Melero          ESP     KTM                 DNS

Luc Ackermann wins home gold at FMX event Red Bull Dirt Diggers 2019 – Best of Action from World of Freesports on Vimeo.

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