First podium for 13 year old racer girl | Racing Unleashed 2020

Courtesy of World of Freesports

At the 3rd race of the season on August 23rd, a premiere took place: For the first time ever at Racing Unleashed three racing lounges were interlinked. Thus, up to 16 pilots took part in the same race, but were driving in three different places: In Cham (Canton of Zug), Zurich and – the biggest lounge so far – Kemptthal (Canton of Zurich), all cities situated in Switzerland. Again, the participants are split in two leagues. The elite starts in the Racer League, those who still want to become the best in the Challenger League. This time the track was the virtual Silverstone Circuit (GBR).

The second league – so-called Challenger League – was won by the German Phillip Baur. The 13-year-old Swiss talent Tina Hausmann from Küsnacht ZH (SUI) made the other pilots sit up with her first podium finish ever on rank 2.

The project is backed by former Formula 1 greats: Monisha Kaltenborn, for example, former Sauber team boss in Formula 1, is CEO of Racing Unleashed.

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