Exploring an Abandoned Cell Phone Testing Facility | URBEX

Courtesy of Red Bull

Anders heads to the basement of an abandoned cell phone testing facility for a session of dark photography. The lighting of the room and settings on his camera must be carefully tuned to capture the many details of this spike-filled chamber.
“URBEX: Enter at Your Own Risk” follows a group of urban explorers as they risk life and limb to get inside, above, and around some of the most forbidden places on Earth. As they navigate bridges, skyscrapers, and other off-limits structures, every venture through the city could be their last.

***Red Bull does not endorse the stunts, climbs, and infiltrations you see in this show as they are extremely dangerous in nature and should not be copied. The series aims to tell the character’s stories – risk, reward, and critique included. We encourage you to watch the show, continue the dialogue, and be vocal about your thoughts!***


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