Explore Iran’s wild skate terrains. | Perceptions of Persia E2

Courtesy of Red Bull

Carlos Cardeñosa, Jaakko Ojanen and Nassim Lachhab bid Arrivederci to Tehran as they head south through Iran in search of wild skate terrain.

So after a few intense days in the bustle of Tehran wandering spot to spot, it was time to get away from the traffic and pollution and spark up the van to head south through the interior of Iran.

Our intention was to create something unique by taking a skate tour far through Iran, linking up with skaters wherever we could, as Finland’s Jaakko Ojanen, Spain’s Carlos Cardeñosa and Morocco’s Nassim Lachhab embarked upon a huge journey through the wonderful cities of Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz, the former capital city of the Persian Empire.

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