EXCLUSIVE: Rubik’s Cube twins reveal family journey to epic battle

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Weyer brothers reflect on World Cup duel decided by one millisecond in Moscow.

Philipp and Sebastian Weyer have been competing against each other for as long as they can remember and it culminated in an amazing battle at the Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Cup in Russia recently that resulted in the closest margin in speedcubing history.

The German twins’ sibling rivalry already spans two decades with Philipp getting the upper hand this time around in Moscow by just 0.001s – as close as it gets.

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It might have been way short of their personal bests, however the clip of their intense duel has been viewed by three million people on Instagram alone.

Here is what the brothers had to say about that epic Moscow contest and their lifelong rivalry:

1. Did either of you believe that you had won before the slim winning margin was revealed?

Philipp: “When I looked at the time and noticed everyone’s reaction I wasn’t exactly sure what happened at first but, when I did, I was just completely stunned that it was actually just a mere millisecond so I had to step off the podium to cope with what had happened.”

Sebastian: “My first thought was just, ‘Damn, this was really close’, so I looked at the times and it took me a while to process what I was seeing and, when I realised that it was only a 0.001 second difference, I was pretty upset. At that point, it’s hard to focus on the next attempt because you keep thinking over and over that you could’ve done a little thing a tiny bit quicker and that would’ve made the difference.”

2. Are you surprised by how viral the online clip of your battle has gone?

Sebastian: “When I saw it pop up first on the internet, I was quite shocked that it had already been watched by so many people. When it got posted on Instagram, and also gained so many million views, it felt good on the one hand to be noticed by so many people on such a big platform but, on the other hand, I keep watching myself lose by 0.001 of a second against my brother over and over again which sort of hurts my pride.”

3. When did your Rubik’s Cube careers begin?

Sebastian: “We both started solving Rubik’s Cubes at the same time, since we both got one as a Christmas present in 2009. Initially, only my brother wanted one for Christmas, but my parents decided to give me one as well, as they knew I would have wanted one anyway as soon as I would have seen that Philipp had fun playing around with it.”

4. Is it just Rubik’s Cube or have you competed hard in other things as well?

Philipp: “We definitely competed with each other at everything ever since I can remember. We always tried to beat each other and just in general be better than the other. I think that’s the reason we turned out to be so good at cubing because we kept pushing each other all the time. I don’t think it makes anything easier though, if anything I think it gets harder. Going up against Seb I was way more nervous than going up against Max (Park) in the finals because I just had to beat my brother.”

Sebastian: “We’ve been insanely competitive with each other at almost every aspect of our lives. I guess it even started when we learned how to read by sitting next to our Mum and asking her what the different letters in the newspaper she was reading meant (I knew how to read first and Philipp became very upset about this!) and this carried on in school, as well as several different hobbies we both had, like judo, badminton, musical instruments and also several different online games.”

5. Do you approach speedcubing with the same mindset?

Philipp: “I guess we have the same mindset in that we want to become better and better at cubing, especially to beat each other, but I’d say that our techniques are quite noticeably different.”

6. What is the best thing about travelling the globe with each other to compete?

Philipp: “On a serious note, the cubing community is so amazing. Pretty much everyone is friends with each other and extremely supportive, so travelling around the world and seeing so many cool places with the same people is extremely exciting.”

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