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Competitors perform during Benzina night sprint at Red Bull 400 in Harrachov, Czech Republic on 11th August 2017 –
Photographer Credit:
Dan Vojtech / Red Bull Content Pool

Check out some of the coolest events you may never have heard of.

Ahead of the final of Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos in Mexico City this weekend, where thousands will pack into the arena and millions will watch online, we take a look at some of the other coolest events you may never have heard of.

Red Bull 400
Running 400m doesn’t sound like much of a challenge, does it? But turn this into an uphill sprint up ski jumps with an incline of up to 37 degrees, and your endurance and speed are put to the test.

Yannick Granieri of France performs during the Red Bull District Ride 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany on Saturday September 6th 2014 –
Photographer Credit:
Marc Müller/Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull District Ride
The historic cathedrals and medieval architecture of Nuremberg are the backdrop for this slopestyle event that swaps forests for the urban streets as the world’s top freeride bike athletes battle it out on specially constructed ramps weaving through the city.

Red Bull Elements
One of the most unique endurance relay races in the world. A four-discipline event that encompasses open-water swimming, trail running, paragliding and mountain biking in Talloires, on the shores of Lake Annecy in France.

Lewis Crathern performs during Red Bull King Of The Air at Big Bay, South Africa on January 31, 2017 –
Photographer Credit:
Tyrone Bradley/Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull King of the Air
The world’s finest kiteboarders take to the Big Bay skies in Cape Town and go head-to-head during the two-week weather window to showcase their extreme manoeuvres in 30 knots wind speed. 

Motul Roof of Africa
Off-road motorcycle – aka Hard Enduro – in the legendary mountains of Lesotho. Where riders face big hills, extreme heat and rocky trails that make for tough climbs and complex navigation.

Participants perform during Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet in Jokkmokk, Sweden on April 15, 2017. –
Photographer Credit:
Adam Klingeteg / Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet
This ultra cross-country ski race pushes the limits of human endurance as participants navigate 200 kilometres of stunning wintery landscapes above Sweden’s arctic circle.

Red Bull Party Wave
Teams with competitors decked out in themed costumes are tasked with creating their own surf vessel before riding the best wave possible in the spectacular setting of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Venue of Red Bull Ragnarok in Haugastol, Norway on April 1, 2017. –
Photographer Credit:
Daniel Tengs/Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull Ragnarok
Only heroes survive. An endurance snow-kite race taking place in Hardangervidda, Norway. More than 300 participants take it on using either skis or a snowboard and their own choice of kite.

Red Bull Rally Dos Ventos
40 of the best “kite endurance” athletes traverse 65 kilometers of tall white sand dunes and rainwater lagoons of Lençóis Maranhenses, Brazil.



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