Emma Bristow competing in FIM Women’s Trial World Championship 2020- 3 Rounds

Courtesy of Sharon Cox

Emma Bristow is on verge of competing in 2020 FIM Women’s Trial World Championship having taken the Title for past 7 consecutive years. The British born TrialsGP Women Champion has not only stood at the top of the table from 2013 through to ‘019 but also amassed Titles in European Trials Championship and British National Trials Championship Women’s category from 2013 to 2017.

Emma Bristow Sherco Factory Racing Photo Credit: Emma

A truly remarkable feat with Emma achieving astounding success in most technically difficult controlled sport across unrelenting terrain which allows no room for error- least rider receives deduction of points.

Having partnered with Sherco Factory Racing for the past 7 years, Emma’s level of commitment, dedication and resolve to sustain highest possible performance either training close-to-home or competing in TrialsGP Rounds around the world, evidence is clear that Emma represents the pinnacle of an athletes all-round success.

With numerous revisions of 2020 FIM Trial World Championship calendar taken place this year, Emma now has goals locked on competing in Round One at Isola 1000, France this coming weekend.

Recent competition at Mansfield Maun Trial confirmed Bristow has not lost one jot of technique amid COVID-19 ‘no racing’ restrictions scoring perfect zero for the win.

Emma: ‘A perfect start to race week taking a joint win with 0-points at the well organized Mansfield Maun trial yesterday – thanks to all who made it possible to compete ‘ September 1st, 2020.

With 3 Rounds- TrialsGP Championship held at Isola 1000, France, then at Pobladura de las Regueras, Spain and final at Sant Julià, Andora all within 3 weeks- Emma will certainly produce her renown drive, determination and skill in what has been an extraordinary year for an extra-spectacular athlete.

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