Embrace the spectacular extremes of the Wings for Life World Run

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Participants perform during the Wings for Life World Run in Melbourne, Australia on May 7, 2017. –
Photographer Credit:
Mark Dadswell for Wings for Life World Run

Location and App runners around the world set for iconic running routes.

The latest Wings for Life World Run gets underway at 11am UTC on May 6 with location and App runners set to embrace the breathtaking extremes of this planet.

Runners will either do one of 13 Event Runs against the iconic real-life Catcher Car or compete against a virtual Catcher Car in organised or individual App Runs around the world to raise money for spinal cord research.

Here are some of the spectacular extremes and places runners will take to:

– Gisborne in New Zealand will become the first place runners will see the sun rise on earth as the furthest south App Run at 38° S, while Svalbard’s App Run at 78°N in Longyearbyen sees runners take on the Arctic Circle at the other end of the world.

– Australia sees a real-life Catcher Car in Melbourne chasing runners in head torches entirely in the dead of night as Sydney participants get to wallow in the stunning views of its Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

Participants perform during the Wings for Life World Run in Kalmar – Oland, Sweden on May 7, 2017. –
Photographer Credit:
Adam Klingeteg for Wings for Life World Run

– Island and party lovers will get to enjoy Ibiza’s incredible beaches with Hannes Kinigadner, whose tragic accident in 2003 saw him help to set up the foundation, organising an App run there.

– The stunning Devon coast will provide the backdrop as English runners pace along the cliffs of Bolt Head and take the dreamy path to the blue waters of Hope Cove.

– Staying in Europe, Bulgarians will compete against the virtual Catcher Car in Borisova Gradina, the oldest and largest park in Sofia that features a waterlily lake.

– History buffs will get their fix in Athens, the oldest city in the App Run, where runners will drift along in the shade of 7,000 trees at the National Garden.

– At the other extreme, the 2013-founded Dubai Design District is the newest place in the App Run with runners basking in the hipster vibe and Dubai’s dramatic skyline.

– Those keen to get right amongst it will be in their element over in the world’s 17th most densely populated city of Seoul where South Korean App runners will see the Banpo Bridge lit up.

– Contenders looking for more elbow room can head over to Ecuador’s capital Quito, just a four-hour drive past volcanoes to the point farthest from the Earth’s centre in Chimborazo.

– Finally geography fans can race the virtual Catcher Car along the tree-shaded tracks of Sports City in Jordan’s capital Amman – the farthest point from Earth’s core at 12,293km (7,638 miles).

Bernardita Lorca (CHI) performs during Wings for Life World Run 2017, in Santiago, Chile on May 7, 2017. –
Photographer Credit:
Alfred Jürgen Westermeyer for Wings for Life World Run

About the Wings for Life World Run

On one day each year the Wings for Life World Run is held simultaneously in numerous locations and via the App across the world, everyone starting at the same time, whether day or night, and all with the same goal – to raise money for the Wings for Life Foundation. Under its unique format, participants run as far as they can until they are passed by a moving finish line, the “Catcher Car,” which chases runners along the course or virtual in the App, gradually getting faster until each participant has been caught. This moving finish line allows participants of any ability to complete the run – the slower ones are passed early while ultra athletes go on for hours. 100% of entry fees and donations goes toward helping to find a cure for spinal cord injury; and in the four editions since it was launched in 2014, the World Run has attracted more than 435,000 people from 193 nationalities to participate in more than 58 countries across all seven continents. Altogether they have raised €20.6 million euros while covering more than 4.2 million kilometres.

Participants perform during the Wings for Life World Run in Kakheti, Georgia on 7 May 2017 –
Photographer Credit:
Beka Borcvadze for Wings for Life World Run

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