Dylan Walsh hits FIM World MX Championship MX2 Round One

Courtesy of Sharon Cox

NZ’s Dylan Walsh breaks long drought of Kiwi’s racing FIM World Motocross Championship premier classes racing MX2 at Opening Round in Argentina this weekend.

Dylan Walsh LaCapelle Marival Photo Credit: Revo Husqvarna UK

It was way back in 2004 when Ben Townley broke record winning MX2 class before transition to racing America’s AMA SX Series, which makes Walsh debut at the picturesque Pategonia track, Argentina even more special.

With solid preparation pre-season racing International MX events at Hawkstone Park and LaCapelle Marival last weekend, Dylan feels comfortable going into MXGP Opener format: Free-Timed Practice and Qualifying Race Saturday- R1 and R2 Sunday March 2nd/3rd.

Re-cap of racing at the tough French circuit, known for hard-pack, rutty, challenging terrain- light and day from Hawkstone Park’s loamy soil, Dylan takes results as learning preparation for the real-deal come gate-drop this weekend.

Finishing 7th Overall at Lacapelle International: #53: I actually really struggled to set up the bike this weekend. The track was strange but it was good to learn a little more’.

Yeah 7th overall isn’t horrible it’s just learning to take the best out of the bad days. Over the 19 MX2 Rounds there will be loads of difficult days so it’s just being able to manage it’.

Dylan Walsh LaCapelle Marival Photo Credit: Revo Husqvarna UK

Having made huge commitment at 16 years of age to learn, experience, develop and make career results count living in America and Europe, Dylan puts the hard yards in perspective.

#53: So many people have played a big part in helping me get to where I am today. But I’d have to say moving over seas at such a young age was key. Because being from New Zealand you’re so far away from the International race scene- you just don’t really understand what it’s like over here. So being amongst it is a good reality check.

This is brief film clip on Dylan Walsh racing Hawkstone International MX, film footage courtesy of Louis Dutton.

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