Dropping the mic in Mexico

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Participants perform during the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos World Finals in Lima, Peru on November 12, 2016. –
Photographer Credit:
Enrique Castro Mendivil/Red Bull Content Pool

Playful insults crucial to winning Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos World Final.

Sixteen freestyle rappers from 12 different countries will line up in the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos World Final on December 4 armed with teasing and rhetoric.

Even the most childish attack can lead to the roaring approval of the crowd with Mexico the latest country to host the 11th edition of freestyle rap’s biggest event. Last year’s final battle only was watched by 28 millions on You Tube.

On Sunday, the world’s most talented Spanish freestylers will unleash a torrent of eloquent and mischievous insults with their own brand of Latin flair in one-to-one battles.

Why play it safe when you can freestyle like this…

“A esta mierda le hace bullying hasta su Puta madre.”
“This sh**t gets bullied even by his mother.” 

“Con esas gafas de puto, parece Woody Allen en la foto del instituto.”
“With these stupid glasses, you look like Woody Allen in the year book.” 

“Tú eres un YouTuber sin nada de contenido, tu hubieras puesto culo pa que seas entretenido.”
You are a YouTuber with no content, you should have got an ass implant to be more entertaining.”

“Este tipo es un chiste. La madre le paga la carrera y encima lo viste.”
“This man is a joke. His mum pays for his degree and picks out his clothes.”

“Qué no vas a tener papá? Puto, lo tenés enfrente.”
“You say you don’t have a father? B***h, you’re looking at him.”

“Tú eres como el machismo; ja quedaste en el pasado.”
“You are like sexism; a thing from the past.”

Participants navigate on a “trajinera” at Xochimilco in Mexico City on November 30th, 2017. –
Photographer Credit:
Marcos Ferro/Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos World Final line-up
WOS – Argentina
ELEVN – Colombia
G – Costa Rica
GAVIRIA – Venezuela
MELVIN LA CURA – Dominican Republic
CHUTY – Spain
SWITCH – Ecuador
ACZINO – Mexico
SKONE – Spain
JOTA – Peru
ARKANO – Spain
YENKY ONE – Dominican Republic

Watch the World Final live on Red Bull TV HERE.


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