Dakar Rally 2020 Women competitors preview: Bike class

Courtesy of Sharon Cox

Taye Perry Dakar Rally 2020  Bike: KTM   Nationality: South Africa  Dakar record: debut 2020    Taye on qualifying at Merzouga Rally: ‘After Stage 5’s sprint of a race through the dunes, I was dying for more. The week of racing has gone by too fast for me, and through all the struggle, during and between stages, on and off the bike, I had so much fun…
Sara Garcia Dakar Rally 2020  Bike: Yamaha  Nationality: Spain  Dakar record: 2nd Dakar ‘Unassisted Class’ Originals Motul                                                    
#98 is ready: my 80L trunk 📦 To the competitors that we go in the #original category (without assistance) is the only thing that organizes us, along with a set of wheels & the tent ⛺️ so, here we have our life for the two weeks of the race 💨 Tools, spare parts, supplementation & of course, memories to help you get afloat in the hard times that we will surely live in @dakarrally 💪
Laia Sanz Dakar Rally 2020  Bike: Gas Gas KTM  Nationality: Spain  Dakar record: 9 Dakar’s only female to finish 9 consecutive Dakar’s!                      
‘Shakedown and first contact in Saudi Arabia with the bike and the terrain! Good feeling and looking forward to start the Dakar Rally!! ✊🏼✊🏼
Mirjam Pol Dakar Rally 2020  Bike: Husqvarna  Nationality: Netherlands  Dakar record: 7.                                                                                                           
First Dakar was in 2006 finishing 80th. By 2011 with 4 Dakar’s experiences under gloves Mirjam finished 66th. 2018 injured but completed Rally, to set sights on following year and beyond. #54 ‘Stay Safe to Finish‘.
Kirsten Landman Dakar Rally 2020  Bike: KTM  Nationality: South Africa  Dakar record: debut 2020                                                                                   
Best thoughts from Kirsten: overcome fear of unknown- trust and self belief- surrounded by support- hard work pays- meet challenges head on.

Dakar Rally 2 Days count-down January 5th to 17th 2020

Header Photo: Kirsten Landman Dakar Rally Photo Credit: KTM

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